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2019 Healthcare Forecast:  Growth In On-site And Near-Site Clinics

As 2018 ends, one thing is abundantly clear, the burden of rising healthcare costs for employers continues unabated. Industry attempts to move further towards...

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Are You a Valued Partner?  3 Keys to Strong Consultant-Vendor Relations

To build and maintain trust with your clients it’s vital to recommend vendors you can know will deliver strong service and results. I’ve worked on the...

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Stop Benefit Cost Inflation Insanity: Put an Onsite Clinic at the Center of Your Strategy

If you're going out to bid year after year in an attempt to reduce your overall medical costs consider putting an onsite or near-site employer-owned clinic at...

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Get Engaged …To Improve the Financial Health of Your Company

As a CFO, you’re responsible for ensuring the financial fitness of your company.  An unhealthy workforce reduces productivity and increases your healthcare...

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Think Like a CFO - Get Your Onsite Clinic Approved

Wondering how to calculate the ROI of an onsite clinic and get your recommendation approved by the CFO? Here are three frequently overlooked sources of...

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Good Luck Proving ROI On Your Employee Wellness Program

We want to believe there’s value in worksite wellness to stop the bleeding on medical claims cost.  We wonder if wellness will improve productivity and reduce...