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Integrating APC Into Your Care Delivery System

Membership satisfaction is key for payers who want to stay relevant and competitive in an evolving market. Advanced primary care (APC) is an ideal solution to...

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What Is Population Health?

Population health uses data to understand the underlying issues that affect health and find ways to mitigate or reduce the risks associated with those...

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Our Top 5 Posts For Insurers And Networks

As consumers, we have come to expect better service than ever before, easy access to the information we need on any platform we want, and clarity around what...

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Healthcare In The News: AI, Housing, And Threats To Primary Care

Healthcare is changing, but sometimes it seems like that change happens in fits and starts. This month, we’re looking at four stories about innovation — and...

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Healthcare And Your Bottom Line: Improve Employee Health

For a workforce that is as happy and productive as possible, every aspect of your company culture, benefits, and environment matter. When you want to equip...

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Our Top 5 Most Popular Blogs Of The Past Year

The current healthcare system and the changing medical, political, and financial landscape surrounding it affect hundreds of millions of people every year....

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Proof Managed Care Works: The City Of Kirkland, WA

Managed care was first created with the best of intentions: to consolidate patient healthcare to one convenient network. The idea was that this would drive...

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Implementing Advanced Primary Care In Onsite Clinics

The current sick-care system is tough to navigate and is fraught with complexity and insecurity. The majority of patients, anxious about high costs, avoid...

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What Is The Transtheoretical Model Of Change?

Getting healthier and staying that way takes more than a good diet and regular exercise. In addition to the physical aspects, better habits require a whole...

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The Pros And Cons Of Wellness Incentives vs. Onsite Primary Care

You know that a healthier workforce is more satisfied, productive, and cost-effective. But finding and strategizing effective ways to get employees engaged and...

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Healthcare And Your Bottom Line: Reduce Costs

A healthier workforce means a reduction in out-of-control healthcare expenses. Healthier employees, who are empowered and supported by dedicated primary care...

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Stop Benefit Cost Inflation Insanity: Put An Onsite Clinic At The Center Of Your Strategy

Healthcare is expensive, for everyone. Dealing with the fee-for-service model, which emphasizes productivity instead of prevention, only worsens the problem....