Healthcare is changing. An increasing number of employers are bucking the trends of rising costs by positioning an on- or near-site clinic at the center of their benefits strategy.

This post from last year tells the story of how The City of Kirkland took control to reduce their healthcare costs and improve employee health. Here's a snippet:

In 2015, the City of Kirkland had reached a breaking point. Healthcare costs were skyrocketing. Every year it was getting harder and harder to provide their employees with the care they deserved at a cost they could afford. They had to flatten their cost trend, but they were unwilling to compromise on benefits for their employees. Working with Keith Robertson of Alliant Insurance, they began looking for an innovative benefits plan that would meet those two requirements.

“We had a clear mission when we started this. First, it was to create long-term sustainability and flatten the curve of spending. Second, we had to break free from the view consultants and clients couldn’t see beyond: plan reductions. They reduced costs, but at some point you have to stop burning the furniture to keep warm.”
— Keith Robertson, V.P./ Corporate Benefits Consultant at Alliant Insurance Services

Read more about how The City of Kirkland created a sustainable cost-savings model - that opened with 90% engagement.

After 1 year, the City of Kirland experience $1.6 million in gross savings and a 91% ROI

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