For years, it seemed that an era of innovation and advancements in technology were lost on the healthcare industry. But, that’s begun to shift. Major corporations are partnering with healthcare providers. Industry leaders like Amazon and Apple are diving into the healthcare industry. And more employers than ever are taking control of their healthcare costs with on or near-site clinics.

The Definitive Guide to Evaluating On-Site Clinics

All is not well in healthcare today. The American medical sector dwarfs most other sectors of the economy. Hundreds of million of dollars are spent on research. Little progress is made. Costs continue to rise, and Americans are sicker than ever before. Where does this leave employers?

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Innovation demands that the best ideas prove their value and rise to the top. More innovation means more pressure on fixing our outdated and broken healthcare system. 2019 is already shaping up to be a year for big ideas, including an intriguing concept from billionaire venture capitalist, John Doerr.

An app store for healthcare?

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Doerr wondered about designing an app store that would give providers quick access to large swaths of patient data. “Why can’t I transparently get to anonymized data, or subject to HIPAA regulations, de-identified data? Why aren't the platforms fundamentally open so we can get three or four applications for bariatric surgeons all of which talk to Epic, talk to Cerner.”

Despite the obvious privacy concerns, broad access to anonymized patient data presents some interesting opportunities. We’ve already seen firsthand how on-site clinics use rich informatics and population data to drive positive outcomes. We’d expect to see many of the same benefits if such information was made available on a larger scale.

Rich informatics are just one of the ways on-site clinics drive positive population outcomes. Find out what other innovative strategies an on- or near-site clinic employs and how they're measured in our white paper: Vera On-Site Clinics Work: We Have A Certificate To Prove It.


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