On April 26th, Vera Whole Health CEO Ryan Schmid will join other healthcare professionals and executives from across the country as a speaker at CIT’s 12th Annual Healthcare Conference in New York. The CIT Healthcare Conference is a specialized industry gathering of healthcare executives, private equity investors, and other healthcare professionals.

Ryan will speak about the overall market shift toward value-based care, and how Vera’s on-site clinics deliver best-in-class results.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in the volume and speed of conversations with carriers and healthcare systems in the evolution of value-based care. We’re regularly talking with carriers in markets that we don't even work in because they are trying to figure out their primary care approach,” says Ryan. He’ll discuss how carriers can control costs by investing in primary care, without disrupting their network.

In addition, he’ll talk about Vera’s recent recognition from the Validation Institute. Vera is the first direct-to-employer on-site clinic provider in the US to earn the institute’s Certificate of Validation. Ryan notes, “Certification from the Validation Institute endorses Vera for helping companies maintain healthy workforces while keeping their bottom lines measurably healthy, as well.”

Are you attending? You can find details about the conference here: CIT 12th Annual Healthcare Conference.


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