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Q&A: Providers Get Real About Primary Care

Primary care has a long history, but that doesn't mean it's been perfected.

To get an honest opinion on the importance and future of primary care, we sat down...

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Americans Borrow $88B Each Year For Healthcare

According to a recent Gallup report called The U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis, Americans are taking on massive debt to pay for healthcare. 

Gallup senior...

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Advanced Primary Care: The Key To Population Health Management

When it comes to healthcare innovation, much of the conversation in the industry centers on population health.

For many in our field, population health is the...

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The Numerof Report: Has Population Health Stalled?

“Population health management represents a different business model, a different way of looking at the mandates of healthcare delivery. Most organizations are...

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Vera Recognized As 2019 Health Value Award Finalist

Vera Whole Health was honored to have been a 2019 Health Value Awards finalist in the Direct Care Provider category. 

“We’re so excited to celebrate our award...

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What Democrats' 9 Health Care Plans Actually Mean

We all know our current healthcare system is broken. It's built on a sick care, fee-for-service foundation. We spend way too much time and money, yet don't...

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Patient Registries: The Foundation of Effective Healthcare Outreach

We've said before that claims data and history are the keys to building the appropriate primary care team. But it's more than that; they are important parts of...

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For Patients, Better Health Starts With Prevention

Preventive care is one of the most effective ways to improve and maintain your health. That’s why Vera focuses on providing you with all the tools you need to...

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New White Paper: Delivering Managed Care the Way It Was Intended

The managed care you’re thinking of right now never had a chance ...

Because in the most traditional sense, it didn’t actually manage a patient’s care. It was...

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Launching An Onsite Clinic: Finding A Rhythm for Optimization

The process of launching an onsite clinic doesn't end on opening day—the hard work, dedication, and partnership with your onsite clinic vendor involved in...

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It's Time to Rethink "Efficiency" in Healthcare

"There’s no CPT code for contemplation. But extra time dedicated to thinking—with either longer patient visits or protected time for 'panel management'—could...
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Accountable Care Organizations: Getting The Pros Without The Cons

While the definition continues to evolve, accountable care organizations (ACOs) are essentially groups of healthcare providers—sometimes even hospitals—that...