“The nation’s health problems ‘are man made and, therefore, solvable,’ the study says. ‘To those of us looking for solutions to our health care crisis, the gaping need for lifestyle medicine in daily practice is evident. Initiatives must be identified and put in place that focus on wellness promotion.’ ” Excerpt from Human survival in America depends on a health care shift to disease prevention in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Promoting preventive care and wellness programs is hard work. Most of your employees probably don't want to think about medical care until they are already sick. It can be hard to get to them take advantage of their gym credit, much less schedule time with a health coach. Take heart. You're doing important work. David Templeton's review of a recent study in The Permanente Journal shows the necessity of the work that you're doing. The study states:“maladies such as hypertension, heart disease[,] [type 2] diabetes and osteoarthritis are not inevitable outcomes of aging, but are an end product of poor lifestyle.” “Most deaths from chronic illness in the United States are preventable and related to how we live ...” Each person you can convince to schedule that annual exam, visit a health coach, or engage with a wellness program is taking steps to a healthier life. Read the full article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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