Advanced Primary Care (2)

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Be Agile: Control Primary Care Delivery

Agility is an essential part of responding to a crisis like COVID-19. Without it, shifting care delivery to meet the needs of patients will be difficult to...

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Global Healthcare: 4 Major National Models And How They Work

Right now, healthcare innovation is a hot topic. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed significant flaws and deficiencies in the current healthcare system. Primary...

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5 Ways To Safeguard Employee Whole Health When Reopening Your Office

COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. As summer stretches into fall, non-essential businesses and organizations are agonizing over the difficult decision of...

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Why Advanced Primary Care Is More Important Than Ever

It’s time to confront a simple observation about the current state of Americans’ health and healthcare.  Even without the pandemic raging around us, no one was...

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The Basics Of Advanced Primary Care

The fee-for-service model that dominates much of the healthcare landscape defies any attempts to make it more efficient and cost-effective. In the traditional...

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Lie 2: Access Drives Overuse

The following post is an excerpt from our new white paper: 7 Lies We’ve Told Ourselves That Prevent Us From Fixing Healthcare. Download the whole white paper...

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Build vs. Buy A Care Center: That Is The Question

The biggest question payers face when they decide to get into the business of primary care delivery is whether they will build the care delivery system from...

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Discussing Labor Groups, Primary Care, And The Impact of COVID-19 With Philip Fredrick

We recently sat down with Philip Fredrick, Vice President at Vera, to discuss labor groups, the challenges they face due to COVID-19, and how they can benefit...

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Investing In Primary Care Is Key To Nation’s Healthcare Reform

In an article for The Hill, John Rother discussed the need for several key healthcare policy reforms advocated by the National Coalition on Health Care. His...

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Advanced Primary Care: Fixing A Broken System

In the current state of healthcare, providers are pressured to see as many patients as possible. The problem with this production-style system is that people...

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Solving The Access Issue For Medicare Advantage

Many Medicare Advantage members face limited access to primary care providers while managing multiple chronic health issues. As a result, they’re forced to...

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Watch The Video: Discover Primary Care At Scale

A return to true primary care is the first step to curing our ailing healthcare system. But how? Watch this new video to see what the paradigm shift should...