Advanced Primary Care (3)

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Why Advanced Primary Care Makes Sense For Payers

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, payers look for new ways to add value for their clients and members. The value they seek comes from...

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Dave Chase Webinar: Actionable Lessons From the Front-Lines of COVID-19

Dave Chase, of Health Rosetta, recently hosted a webinar that featured a panel of Chief Medical Officers, including Kevin Wang, M.D., of Vera Whole Health.

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Lie One: Risky Patients Only Raise Rates

The following post is an excerpt from our white paper: 7 Lies We’ve Told Ourselves That Prevent Us From Fixing Healthcare. Download the whole white paper today...

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How Payers Can Build Competitive Advantage In 2020: Q & A With Chief Commercial Officer Jennifer Sargent

In today’s world, payers are facing challenges, and they’re looking for innovative solutions. Recently, we sat down with Jennifer Sargent, Chief Commercial...

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Lessons From Advanced Primary Care In The Midst Of The COVID-19 Crisis

Healthcare in the United States is in crisis. COVID-19 cases increase every day and it’s laying bare the deficiencies in our system. Despite this, we’re proud...

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Healthcare Providers Looking For Innovative Solutions To Care

In today’s healthcare environment, primary care providers are stretched thin. Often they must sacrifice time spent with patients to accommodate a heavy patient...

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Patients Aren’t Widgets; Care Shouldn’t Be Volume-Based

In the current healthcare system, providers are often measured on productivity. The more members they see, the more they are rewarded. But sheer volume is a...

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3 Reasons Payers Benefit From Integrating Advanced Primary Care For Their Members

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare system, payers are looking to differentiate their business from the competition through health plans that attract and...

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As Out-of-Pocket Health Costs Rise, Insured Adults Are Seeking Less Primary Care

Primary care has a multitude of benefits, at both the member and population level. Research shows that when people seek routine care from their primary care...

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Apple Is Taking On The Healthcare Industry

Apple is maintaining its footing in the healthcare business. Under the moniker AC Wellness, the company that revolutionized technology and perfected the...

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2020 Insurance Trends: Good Vibrations For Agile Insurers

The insurance industry is seeing big changes in 2020. Payers face two big challenges. First, they need to stay ahead of rapid changes in the healthcare...

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What Advanced Primary Care Can Do For Payers

The current state of healthcare is disjointed. The key players involved — the payers, the health systems, the providers, and other companies providing services...