Behavior Change & Health Coaching

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Health Coaching Drives Positive Health Outcomes By Putting Patients In The Driver's Seat

"Patients are the most underused resource in health care." — Dr. Warner Slack

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New Guide: How To Expand Employee Benefits While Keeping Costs Under Control

An effective benefit strategy must support the health, wellness, and morale of employees — but it also needs to do more than that. An exceptional benefit...

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4 Big Healthcare Trends To Watch In 2021

Early signals point to another year of transformation in healthcare, as the effects of COVID-19 will leave their long-term mark. Now it’s time to think about...

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How Providers Can Encourage Behavior Change During COVID-19

Self-care has become a regular topic of conversation as people look for effective ways to cope with stress, uncertainty, constant change, and other...

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Finding Your Happiness And Bliss

What is the core of (an individual's) happiness? That's just one question you'll need to explore as you make your way toward a blissful, wholehearted, and...

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How To Design Healthy Habits

Motivation is often a question and topic that comes up during coaching sessions. What is your motivation or reason to lose weight, sleep better, exercise more,...

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Coaching In The Time Of COVID-19

Over the last few months, most of us have had our normal routines disrupted in some capacity. Whether we’re now homeschooling our kids online (or attempting...

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How to Create Lasting Behavior Change

Humans are wired to strive for positive change in their lives. The change itself doesn’t always come naturally, though.

Healthy behavior change is hard work....

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HR Daily Advisor: Coaches Prevent Unnecessary Use of Specialists

Ryan Schmid, CEO Vera Whole Health, spoke with James Davis, Editor, HR Daily Advisor about the value of coaching as part of the primary care team.

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Vera Health Coaches and Their Approach

Last month, on our Careers blog, we shared the exciting news that our coach onboarding training is an approved program by the National Board for Health and...

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What Is The Transtheoretical Model Of Change?

Getting healthier and staying that way takes more than a good diet and regular exercise. In addition to the physical aspects, better habits require a whole...

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How Vera Integrates Health Coaching With Primary Care

Health coaching, with the right people, training, and application, can be a tremendous asset that complements primary care and helps to increase positive...