Benefit Strategies

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2020 Insurance Trends: Good Vibrations For Agile Insurers

The insurance industry is seeing big changes in 2020. Payers face two big challenges. First, they need to stay ahead of rapid changes in the healthcare...

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Value-Based Healthcare

The days of healthcare as simply treating symptoms are waning. Members and payers are demanding more, opening the door for value-based care.

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The Difference Between Care Coordination, Managed Care, and Concierge Medicine

The face of healthcare in America has undergone a major transformation in recent years. With each iteration of care, the goal has been to do more for less. The...

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Employee Turnover: The Impact Of Rich Benefits

Employee turnover is a harsh reality for many companies. It can be a significant setback to your bottom line. Whether it stems from a toxic culture, overworked...

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Population Health Costs: What You Need To Know

While evaluating approaches to improve population health, many organizations consider only half of the equation — how much will new approaches cost compared to...

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Copays: What They Are And Where They Came From

At the most basic level, copays are a cost-sharing measure that insurance companies implement as part of their coverage plans. Typically, a copay is a fixed...

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3 Major Healthcare Innovations That Ultimately Failed ... And Why

Every innovation is built on a foundation of a thousand failures. When success finally comes, it's easy to lose sight of all the mistakes it took to get it...

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A Brief History Of Healthcare Costs In The US

Healthcare isn't free. It's one of the largest industries in the country, perhaps even globally, and will only continue to grow.

As life expectancy rises,...

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New White Paper In Our On-Site Clinic Essentials Series Issue 2: Benefit Strategy Design

Your employees are your most important asset. So it’s easy to understand the friction you might feel when you’re faced with continually rising costs in...

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How Seattle Children’s Saved $15 Million With An On-Site Clinic

Five years ago, Seattle Children’s was facing a crisis ...

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Change The Game By Getting Into The Business Of Healthcare

Healthcare is changing. An increasing number of employers are bucking the trends of rising costs by positioning an on- or near-site clinic at the center of...