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What Is The Transtheoretical Model Of Change?

Getting healthier and staying that way takes more than a good diet and regular exercise. In addition to the physical aspects, better habits require a whole...

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Say Good Bye To Unnecessary Healthcare Waste

It won't shock you to read, there's a ton of waste happening in today's healthcare system. And part of that is evidence the system — complicated as it is — is...

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Where's The Right Location For Your New On- Or Near-Site Care Center?

The process of building a clinic or care center can take anywhere from six months to a year. A clear timeline is a key part of building your clinic, because...

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A Call To Arms: Connecticut Needs More Primary Care

According to H. Andrew Selinger M.D., in his recent opinion piece in CT Viewpoints, Connecticut is feeling the gap in primary care.

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Primary Care's Role In Care Coordination

The only real result for traditional managed care is controlled access to care.

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Price Transparency Illustrates The Value Of Self-Funding

Improved transparency is the goal behind a new federal rule requiring hospitals to post pricing for treatments and services online. The new rule went into...

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The Benefits Of True Care Coordination

Care coordination is an integral part of providing effective healthcare, especially for high-risk populations and those with chronic illnesses.

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Looking Ahead: How Tech Will Shape The Future Of Healthcare

Innovation in healthcare is long overdue.

For decades, we’ve relied on the same payment and delivery models. And have experienced the same failed outcomes and...

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Why Care Coordination Is The New Managed Care

Managed care often feels like a taboo subject within the healthcare industry. Why? Because traditional managed care failed. Through HMOs and PPOs, it promised...

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Welcoming A New Generation Of Healthcare Advisers

Every year, Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA) selects a group of young benefits advisers who are making waves within the healthcare industry.

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How Seattle Children’s Saved $15 Million With An On-Site Care Center

Five years ago, Seattle Children’s was facing a crisis ...