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Moving Beyond The Myth Of Healthcare Price Transparency

Healthcare pricing transparency has always been a challenge for patients, who often receive treatments without a clear picture of what those treatments will...

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Launching An On-Site Clinic: It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Employers faced with ever-rising healthcare costs are exhausted.

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What Thousands Of ER Bills Tell Us About Healthcare

It’s no secret ... one visit to the ER can empty your wallet and your bank account. That's the experience of so many patients — treatments leading to bills...

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What To Include In Your On-Site Care Center Vendor Contract

When your decision-making team begins to iron out the details of your on-site clinic, you’ll begin to experience the true power of partnership with your...

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Crafting Your Benefit Strategy Around An On- Or Near-Site Care Center

A benefit strategy that's both effective and affordable is the ultimate dream. But for most employers and HR leaders, that's all it is — an unrealized dream.

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Free Healthcare Is Working Out: An Experiment In Utah

Every day we see more proof of forward-thinking employers taking the issue of rising healthcare costs into their own hands. Some of the creative solutions...

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Employee Wellness Programs: A Thing Of The Past OR An Opportunity For The Future?

Employee wellness programs have been around for decades. But you'd be hard-pressed to call them successful. At least not in certain terms. They typically:

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How A City Saved Big On Chronic Care

When Mark Deven became the City Manager of Arvada, Colorado, his team was up against a serious healthcare problem.

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Reduce Vendor Complexity & Stress

If you're an HR leader, then you know the challenges of juggling multiple third-party healthcare vendors. Managing vendors, keeping employees informed about...

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Permission For Better Health Granted: A Patient Testimonial

When Kurt, City Manager of the City of Kirkland opened a Vera Whole Health clinic, he experienced firsthand the power of an on-site clinic . . . as a patient.

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New Report Shows Continued Waste In Medical Spending

Overuse of low-value and unnecessary treatments, screenings, and procedures is an epidemic within the healthcare industry.

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Aligning On Values & Philosophy At Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen was founded in 1987 by a couple who saw a need for delicious, ready-made, organic meals. They started by making pot pies in their humble kitchen,...