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Vera Whole Health Coach Ivan Rosemblatt On Why Empathy Is Important

Leading a health revolution takes passionate and committed people in many different types of professions. At the center of Vera’s healthcare model is...

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How To Make Habits Stick

“I know what to do, but I don’t know HOW to make it happen” – Every person at some point, probably

It’s a common debacle. We envision the changes we want to...

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Make A Setback A Comeback: How To Avoid Letting A Slip Up Become A Free-Fall

In health coaching, one of the ways we achieve behavior change is by breaking down larger goals into smaller, more manageable steps.

Want to get to the gym...

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How Vera Integrates Health Coaching With Primary Care

Health coaching, with the right people, training, and application, can be a tremendous asset that complements primary care and helps to increase positive...

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Vera Whole Health Coach Shares What Makes The Difference Working At Vera

Recently, we sat down with Vera Whole Health Coach Nina Auerbach to talk about her experiences as a health coach, why she loves her job, how Vera Whole Health...

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Providers And Whole Health Coaches Team Up For Better Health

“It’s why I went into healthcare.”  Kourtney Dunlap, RNP at Eastside Anchorage

At the core of every Vera Whole Health on-site clinic is a dedicated care team...

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Health Coaching Unlocks Big Changes

“I am so appreciative of Vera. Somehow or another, Shannon put everything together for me. I don’t think I’d be here, where I am. I might have been better, but...