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Building A Competitive Edge With Medicare Advantage Through Advanced Primary Care

Medicare Advantage (MA) plan members often face significant challenges that payers must solve to attract and retain more MA members. Some of these challenges...

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5 Challenges Payers Must Solve to Serve Medicare Advantage Populations Well

More healthcare services and controlled costs. That’s the premise of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. Who — retiree or otherwise — wouldn’t want that? The...

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Medicare Populations Demand A Primary Care Reboot

“Despite the high importance currently placed on chronic disease management and patient wellness, most primary care providers say they don’t have enough time...

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The Difference Between Care Coordination, Managed Care, and Concierge Medicine

The face of healthcare in America has undergone a major transformation in recent years. With each iteration of care, the goal has been to do more for less. The...

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Proof Managed Care Works: The City Of Kirkland, WA

Managed care was first created with the best of intentions: to consolidate patient healthcare to one convenient network. The idea was that this would drive...

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A Single Point of Care Is Key To Managing Population Health

The current healthcare system often makes it difficult to treat real issues. In a single day, a primary care provider sees dozens of patients during very brief...

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Bringing Behavioral Health Into A Care Center

Better healthcare treats people, not just symptoms. Often, that means finding ways to address nonmedical factors: things that aren’t strictly physical or...

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Managed Care 101: Goals, History, and Pitfalls

Managed care was created to centralize patient care within a single network or provider system. The goal, traditionally, was better health outcomes while...

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Advanced Primary Care: The Key To Population Health

When it comes to healthcare innovation, a lot of the conversation has centered on population health. Improving the physical, psychosocial, and emotional...

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Accountable Care Organizations: Getting The Pros Without The Cons

While the definition continues to evolve, accountable care organizations (ACOs) are essentially groups of healthcare providers—sometimes even hospitals—that...

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Why Care Coordination Is The New Managed Care

Managed care often feels like a taboo subject within the healthcare industry. Why? Because traditional managed care failed. Through HMOs and PPOs, it promised...

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Women Fear The Worst In A Post-ACA World

As attacks on the Affordable Care Act continue, millions of Americans worry that they’ll be forced out of their own healthcare by rising premiums.

Those who...