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Healthcare In The News: Millennial Needs, Revenue Leakage, And Tech Help

This month, we’re looking at three articles that show how innovative strategies and technology can bridge the gap between providers and patients to create...

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Healthcare In The News: AI, Housing, And Threats To Primary Care

Healthcare is changing, but sometimes it seems like that change happens in fits and starts. This month, we’re looking at four stories about innovation — and...

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Our Top 5 Most Popular Blogs Of The Past Year

The current healthcare system and the changing medical, political, and financial landscape surrounding it affect hundreds of millions of people every year....

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Healthcare in the News: Battling Opiates, Health Extension, And Utz's New Clinic

The point of healthcare, in its most basic form, is to keep us alive and functioning. But we know that it can be so much more than that. The evolution of the...

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City of Everett Opens Vera Whole Health Care Center

Beginning in early 2020, City of Everett employees will have a new care center serving their health needs and those of their families.

The city is partnering...

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Healthcare In The News: Sleep, Stress, And The Cost Of Drug Prices

As every healthcare provider knows, becoming and staying healthy takes more than regular exercise a balanced diet. Often, it requires an in-depth look at a...

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Premera, Vera Collaboration Improves Patient Access And Experience

Vera Whole Health is bringing its advanced primary care model to a collaboration with Premera Blue Cross to address the shortage of primary care providers in...

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The Future of Primary Care: CEO Ryan Schmid Speaks at CIT

Each year, CIT hosts an annual healthcare conference in New York to bring together healthcare executives, industry leaders, private equity investors, and other...

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What Does Uber's IPO Mean For Healthcare?

Last month, ride-share giant Uber declared its intent to file an IPO with the goal of moving into healthcare services.  They made it official on Thursday, May...

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Vera Recognized As 2019 Health Value Award Finalist

Vera Whole Health was honored to have been a 2019 Health Value Awards finalist in the Direct Care Provider category. 

“We’re so excited to celebrate our award...

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What Democrats' 9 Health Care Plans Actually Mean

We all know our current healthcare system is broken. It's built on a sick care, fee-for-service foundation. We spend way too much time and money, yet don't...

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Crossover Health Acquires Sherpaa: 4 Lessons For Employers and Health Systems

"Crossover Health closes a deal that creates an innovative healthcare delivery model for self-insured employers and presents opportunities for health systems."...