Patient Engagement

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Get Engaged …To Improve the Financial Health of Your Company

As a CFO, you’re responsible for ensuring the financial fitness of your company.  An unhealthy workforce reduces productivity and increases your healthcare...

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If You Build It, Will They Come?

Getting employees to engage in new programs and benefits is always a challenge HR leaders face. No matter how good the benefit is, there’s no guarantee of...

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Perfecting the Patient Experience

Delivering the best possible patient experience is critical for HR leaders who want to maximize the effectiveness of their benefits plan. Better experiences...

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How To Achieve 90% Patient Engagement

“I’ve seen clinic operators brag about a 30% participation rate. But when the City of Kirkland opened, we had an engagement rate of 90%.” — Keith Robertson,...
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Vera Providers Build Trust With Patients

Trust between patients and providers is essential to patient engagement that leads to long-term behavior change. Patients who feel comfortable with their...

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Five Healthy Habits (that just might be your key to success)

It’s that time of year again when everyone is ready to start fresh. Maybe in 2018 you’ll give up smoking, or cut out sugar, or be more mindful. Here are five...

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How To Build Your Stress Resilience

Stress is simply a fact of life. Some stress is good. It motivates us to action and helps us meet deadlines. Other types of stress turns toxic, robbing us of...

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Patient-Centered Onsite Medical Home

At Vera, we talk a lot about the Patient-Centered Medical Home. This can be a confusing term to understand. This month we sat down with our Medical Director,...