Patient Engagement

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Understanding The Importance Of Flu Shots

Cold and flu season is just around the corner, which makes now the perfect time to get into your Vera clinic for an annual flu shot. The CDC recommends that ...

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Unlocking The Benefits Of Mindfulness

When all the stress and anxiety of our day-to-day lives starts to catch up with us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there’s a great tool for dealing...

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Finding Success Through Behavior Change: Q&A With Victoria Andrews, MSN, ARNP

Making healthy lifestyle choices has a profound impact on our overall health. Getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising are examples of opportunities...

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For Patients, Better Health Starts With Prevention

Preventive care is one of the most effective ways to improve and maintain your health. That’s why Vera focuses on providing you with all the tools you need to...

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Understanding Diabetes: Q&A With Dr. Bruce Heller

In the last 20 years, the rate of diabetes in America has tripled. The CDC estimates that over 30 million people are diabetic, and that 1 person in 4 is not...

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Understanding Your Health Milestones

Regular annual medical visits are a critical part of improving and maintaining your overall health. It used to be that the tests and exams that made up our...

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Get Engaged …To Improve the Financial Health of Your Company

As a CFO, you’re responsible for ensuring the financial fitness of your company.  An unhealthy workforce reduces productivity and increases your healthcare...

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How To Prepare For Flu And Cold Season: A Q&A With Kourtney Dunlap, FNP

Fall is here. It’s time for crisp autumn walks, back-to-school shopping, and —unfortunately — cold and flu season. This fall, prepare for the sniffling,...

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If You Build It, Will They Come?

Getting employees to engage in new programs and benefits is always a challenge HR leaders face. No matter how good the benefit is, there’s no guarantee of...

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Perfecting the Patient Experience

Delivering the best possible patient experience is critical for HR leaders who want to maximize the effectiveness of their benefits plan. Better experiences...

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How To Achieve 90% Patient Engagement

“I’ve seen clinic operators brag about a 30% participation rate. But when the City of Kirkland opened, we had an engagement rate of 90%.” — Keith Robertson,...
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Vera Providers Build Trust With Patients

Trust between patients and providers is essential to patient engagement that leads to long-term behavior change. Patients who feel comfortable with their...