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Increase Acquisition & Retention With A Better Member Experience

An exceptional member experience is the most effective way to ensure that you can acquire and retain more members and grow your market share.

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Ryan Schmid’s Healthcare Vision For The Next Decade

While most organizations are planning how they’ll usher in the new decade, Vera CEO Ryan Schmid is setting his sights on where healthcare, and the member...

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Improving Member Experience With Integrated Healthcare

Integrated healthcare is an approach that can greatly benefits insurers. It’s characterized by a high degree of collaboration and communication among health...

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How The Member Experience Impacts Payer Market Share

A positive member experience is vital for payers looking to increase their market share. It will enhance new member acquisition and increase current member...

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How Your Care Model Reveals (Or Hides) Social Determinants

A person’s health is the product of a complex equation that relates our family health history, personal lifestyle choices, and social and environmental factors.

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Our Top 5 Posts For Insurers And Networks

As consumers, we have come to expect better service than ever before, easy access to the information we need on any platform we want, and clarity around what...

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Vera Patient Testimonial: “This Experience Has Changed My Life”

Elizabeth has always led an active life. Living in northern Arizona, surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful trails, physical activity is core to who...

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A Tale Of Two Tims: Employee Healthcare Before and After Vera

Meet Tim.

He's a nice guy. A family man who's good at his job. And when it comes to physical activity, he’s a weekend warrior.

During the week, however, he’s a...

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Positive Relationships Between Patients & Providers Drive Better Outcomes

“...All too often, the powerful simplicity of our humanness gets lost in the process of medicine itself.” — Excerpt from Connected: Improving the...
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Empathy, Communication, And Shared Decision-Making: A Recipe For Better Relationships

“Patients are not simply looking to visit their doctors to cure a disease, and now also want a positive patient-provider relationship that yields a positive...
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Why Persistent Primary Care Pays Off

“This is a problem for our health-care system. It doesn’t put great value on care that takes time to pay off. But this is also an opportunity. We have the...