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New Research Demonstrates The Value Of Relationships In Healthcare

Strong relationships can help older adults stay active and healthy, according to a paper published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Public health...

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Building A Competitive Edge With Medicare Advantage Through Advanced Primary Care

Medicare Advantage (MA) plan members often face significant challenges that payers must solve to attract and retain more MA members. Some of these challenges...

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5 Challenges Payers Must Solve to Serve Medicare Advantage Populations Well

More healthcare services and controlled costs. That’s the premise of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. Who — retiree or otherwise — wouldn’t want that? The...

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Telehealth Set For “Tsunami Of Growth,” Says Frost & Sullivan

Have you seen your healthcare provider lately? You know — actually seen someone in person in an office setting?

Probably not, and you’re not alone. The ...

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Why Advanced Primary Care Is More Important Than Ever

It’s time to confront a simple observation about the current state of Americans’ health and healthcare.  Even without the pandemic raging around us, no one was...

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The Basics Of Advanced Primary Care

The fee-for-service model that dominates much of the healthcare landscape defies any attempts to make it more efficient and cost-effective. In the traditional...

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Investing In Better Outcomes To Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

It seems counter-intuitive that providing patients more access to primary care can drive down overall healthcare costs. In fact, in the right care environment,...

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Lie 2: Access Drives Overuse

The following post is an excerpt from our new white paper: 7 Lies We’ve Told Ourselves That Prevent Us From Fixing Healthcare. Download the whole white paper...

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Behavioral Health Is Essential To Whole Person Care

There’s no way to separate physical, mental, and emotional health. They’re intertwined. One impacts the other. Modern science confirms it.

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Build vs. Buy A Care Center: That Is The Question

The biggest question payers face when they decide to get into the business of primary care delivery is whether they will build the care delivery system from...

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Medicare Populations Demand A Primary Care Reboot

The aging baby boomer population is exposing flaws in traditional primary care service models, especially among Medicare Advantage (MA) populations. Providers...

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Investing In Primary Care Is Key To Nation’s Healthcare Reform

In an article for The Hill, John Rother discussed the need for several key healthcare policy reforms advocated by the National Coalition on Health Care. His...