Primary Care

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The Pros And Cons Of Wellness Incentives vs. On-Site Primary Care

You know that a healthier workforce is more satisfied, productive, and cost-effective. But finding and strategizing effective ways to get employees engaged and...

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Bringing Behavioral Health Into An Onsite Clinic

Better healthcare treats people, not just symptoms. Often, that means finding ways to address nonmedical factors: things that aren’t strictly physical or...

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Are Primary Care Centers a Threat — or a Solution?

Do primary care centers pose a threat to hospitals and the current healthcare system? In short, yes, but only if you consider improved population health and...

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Delivering Superior Patient Experiences With Advanced Primary Care

For many patients, navigating today’s healthcare landscape is fraught with complexity and insecurity. As they contend with their insurance plans, budgets, and...

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To Succeed, Employee Wellness Programs Must Integrate With Primary Care

In recent months, there has been a lot of discussion in the media about how successful wellness programs actually are. It's an important conversation, but...

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The Future of Primary Care: CEO Ryan Schmid Speaks at CIT

Each year, CIT hosts an annual healthcare conference in New York to bring together healthcare executives, industry leaders, private equity investors, and other...

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Social Factors Have A Big Impact On Health Outcomes

For most patients, genetics and lifestyle choices are an important driver of health — but they’re far from the only ones. Social and environmental factors,...

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Creating Systemic Collaboration Within Your Primary Care Team

In order to provide effective care coordination for patients, it's absolutely essential that your primary care team be able to communicate and work together...

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How Frequent Health Screenings Can Improve Patient Engagement And Outcomes

It's a scenario we can all imagine: sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office, bracing yourself for the worst.

It's been three years since your last...

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Can Managed Care Be Successful Without Primary Care?

Managed care was, traditionally, designed to be a solution to control costs by shepherding a patient’s care along their health journey. The intention was...

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Leveraging Data To Provide Personalized Clinical Care

When Vera is in the process of launching a new onsite clinic (or care center, as we call them) we leverage massive amounts of data—including more than two...

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Q&A: Providers Get Real About Primary Care

Primary care has a long history, but that doesn't mean it's been perfected.

To get an honest opinion on the importance and future of primary care, we sat down...