"More and more employers are offering employees high deductible plans, shifting more costs on the individual and his or her family. The rationale behind these plans is that if the employee has to shoulder more of the costs, they will be more selective of the procedures and services they access, bringing overall health care costs down. Plus, they cost employers less."
Excerpt from Why Your Health Care Costs Are Out of Control, in One Graph in Time
Time recently featured an article that explains the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. Healthcare enrollees paid an average of 229% more towards their deductible in 2015 than in 2005. That is a huge jump. Even worse, costs are up for employees and their employers. These increases make cost shifting attractive to employers. The primary cost shifting method is high deductible plans. The problem is, high deductible plans are short-sighted. They're built on the assumption that employees will be more selective about the care they access if they have to pay more for it. This assumption is true, but it has an unexpected consequence. By putting off medical care, employees avoid preventive care and allow conditions to get bad before they seek help. This only costs more in the long run through chronic care. Preventive care driven by behavior change has a much better track record. Read the full article on Time.

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