Why are health insurers investing more in how primary care is delivered? It’s a great question. And one we’re thankful two of our amazing clients had the chance to answer when recently asked by AIS Health.

In a nutshell, Dave Olson, Vice President of Business Development at Blue Kansas City and Katherine Hobbs Knutson, M.D., Chief of Behavioral Health at the Blues plan share that it’s all about providing quality and filling in gaps.

Without further ado, here's what they had to say.

Blues Insurers, Prominence Health Plan Invest in Primary Care

As primary care can have a large impact on the quality and cost of care delivered, some health insurers are investing in improving how it’s delivered by integrating key services such as behavioral health treatment and health coaching.

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and Nevada-based Prominence Health Plan, that’s meant partnering with a company called Vera Whole Health to launch primary care centers for their members.

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