Are you attending the 2019 On-Site Employee Health Clinics Congress later this month in Scottsdale?  We’re honored to be lead sponsor this yearand looking forward to hearing from employers like Walt Disney, L.L. Bean and Amy’s Kitchen on how they’re taking charge of employee well-being and reducing health costs. 

We're excited to co-present with a public employee benefit trust Monday, January 28th on ‘Two Truths and a Lie: Culture, Behavior Change and ROI.’ Attendees will learn how the best approach to employee health can be counterintuitive, like it was for six Arizona public entities at NAPEBT, who partnered with Vera in 2014.  Featured presentations Monday also include: 

  • Employee Engagement Strategies to Increase Utilization of On-Site Health Centers’  Vera CRO, Jennifer Sargent, will moderate a panel with leaders from HP, Amgen and City of Farmers Branch in Texas. They’ll discuss ways to effectively engage and incentivize employees to utilize on-site health centers. 
  • ‘How to Effectively Communicate and Promote Wellness Offerings in the Workplace’ You won’t be surprised to hear that some onsite clinics languish without much volume. Amy’s Kitchen will share how they’re successfully driving engagement with their health center. 

Already considering  on/near-site health for your organization? Then give our new 9-question quiz a whirl to learn if a clinic is right for you.  You'll receive a savings estimate and a 30-minutes free consultation (if you qualify).  Need to learn more now? Download our free eBook The Definitive Guide to Evaluating On/Near-Site Clinics.  

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