Converting employees into engaged patients is essential to HR leaders. Engagement maximizes the potential of your organization's benefits package and drives positive health outcomes for employees. Finding creative ways to educate your employees about their benefits is one of the best ways to encourage them to use those benefits. That’s why we love informative workshops.

Why are workshops so effective?

  • Relevant topics: At Vera, every month, we promote a new topic that relates to improved health, so you always have something new to talk about. From chatting about allergy season in the spring to discussing the benefits of getting flu shots in the winter, there is always something relevant and interesting for employees to learn — and they can ask lots of questions as well.
  • Benefit education: Beyond topical subjects, workshops offer you the chance to share more about the benefits of a Vera on-site clinic. This enables people get to know the clinical staff in a different setting and feel more comfortable seeking care.
  • Informative Q&As: Sessions promote engagement between HR leaders, Vera staff, and employees and offer the perfect opportunities for Q&A sessions that transcend confusion about clinic operations.

At your workshop, Vera providers, health coaches, and medical staff are on hand to meet with employees and connect with them. These initial meetings are the first steps toward breaking down barriers employees have toward becoming engaged patients. When employees are more comfortable with their new clinic and its staff, they’re more likely to make an appointment.

Closing out your workshop with a strong call to action encourages employees to make an appointment. Use the opportunity to remind employees about available incentives, refer back to the benefits of a topical reason to use the clinic (like getting a flu shot), and make sure that employees have all the information they need to make their first appointment.

What are your favorite ways to promote engagement? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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