Vera - Allied Member - graphic1Allied staff are instrumental members of Vera care teams. They  collaborate with providers and Vera whole health coaches to ensure that each patient experiences a meaningful health journey and each care center runs as smoothly as possible.

At Vera, allied staff includes the following key roles:

  • Nurses (RNs, LPNs, and BSNs) and Medical Assistants (MAs) who provide vital assistance for primary care providers. They offer clinical support, triage patients, assist with care coordination, and more.
  • Patient Service Representatives (PSRs) who offer administrative support. They also contribute to the creation of supportive and welcoming environments for patients.

The people who work in these roles are typically passionate about health and are driven to make a difference in the lives of patients. Their goal is to create meaningful change and, at Vera, they have the chance to do exactly that.

An entirely new work environment

It’s not abnormal for allied staff to face strain and burnout in traditional healthcare environments. The fee-for-service model frequently leaves them feeling as if they don’t have enough time to adequately care for patients, let alone provide them with tools to live healthier lives. They’re also asked to juggle a significant amount of paperwork and other responsibilities within small windows of time.

That’s not the case with Vera. Vera allied staff are well-respected, experience a meaningful work/life balance, and have time in their schedules to thoroughly address each task. The challenge of meeting time frames is replaced by the challenge of providing personalized care to patients.

“I feel challenged in my work, yet truly enjoy the opportunity to work on a team that believes in the same mission. Every day, learning something new and having the ability to utilize my skills to work at the top of my scope as a Medical Assistant, while also collaborating with providers and health coaches has been most fulfilling.” -- Carolyn, Medical Assistant, Seattle, WA

A normal day at Vera

Vera - Allied Member - graphic2Have you ever wondered what a typical day might look like for an allied staff member at Vera? Here’s a brief example:

  • Daily huddle: Each day begins with a brief meeting, where the entire care team gathers to listen to announcements, review upcoming patient load, and share a mindful moment.
  • Meet with patients: Our providers manage between 10-17 patients per day. These longer and more impactful appointments also allow allied staff to provide a more personalized form of care.
  • Break for lunch: Midday is an excellent chance to refuel. Some allied staff go out for a run or participate in another form of exercise during their lunch break.
  • Charting: Plenty of time is provided each day to bring charts up to date.
  • Collaborate with provider: Meetings allow care teams to discuss patients and identify and address care gaps that exist.
  • Check inbox: At the end of each day, allied staff might address remaining patient emails or take care of open tasks.

Introducing more time into the equation

Vera - Allied Member - graphic3You might have noted in the schedule above that providers at Vera meet with a maximum of 10 patients each day. This is a result of our advanced primary care (APC) model, which ensures patients aren’t rushed quickly in and out of care centers. Allowing providers more time to meet with patients also has a positive impact on the way allied staff operate as members of their individual care teams. Care teams are able to more effectively address patient concerns, provide preventative care, and build trusting relationships. This approach improves patient health outcomes and reduces burnout for allied staff.

The emphasis on providing more time also stretches to other areas, meaning allied staff have more time in each workday to take care of the details. Charting becomes more thorough and meetings with providers are less rushed and more productive.

“I am inspired by the changes I see in our patients. I enjoy being a reliable support so that they can achieve their personal healthcare goals. Not everyone changes immediately. Sometimes there are drastic changes even within the couple hours that they spend with us. For example, some patients arrive to their appointments with some reluctance but then leave cheerful and expressing their gratitude for giving them the best experience they could have hoped for. Other times we may not see a patient for a while but the next time they come in they have made massive strides in taking control of their health.” -- Chris Cano, Medical Assistant, Seattle, WA

Empathy is a difference-maker

Vera - Allied Member - graphic4The importance of empathy also cannot be overstated. This article by Modern Healthcare argues that, “If we want to reap the benefits of the humanistic approach and continue to see it grow, then all members of the healthcare team need to be constantly educated on best practices and how to enhance the art of communicating with patients to ensure the best outcomes.”

At Vera, every allied staff member and each employee is trained in empathetic listening. Not only does this approach allow care teams to provide a deeper level of care to patients, but it also contributes to a supportive, respectful, and kind working environment.

A culture where every team member is valued

Another unique aspect of Vera care centers is the way team members collaborate. Providers, allied staff, and Vera health coaches are all aligned to ensure patients progress along their health journeys in productive ways that affirm their self worth. Each member of a care team has an important contribution to make. Teams come together regularly in huddles and meetings, making sure they’re on the same page and moving forward together.

Allied staff also have an opportunity to stretch beyond the definition of their roles and contribute to Vera’s overarching evolution as a compassionate, collaborative workplace changing the face of healthcare. If they have ideas about how to make their workplaces better and/or more effective, they are encouraged to share those ideas. They’re then brought into strategic and decision-making processes, where they can help bring their ideas to life.

Each nurse, medical assistant, and patient service representative at Vera has a chance to utilize their skills, strengthen their teams, and create better outcomes for patients. Longer appointments, training in empathetic listening, and dedication to teamwork are all key contributors to our revolutionary approach to healthcare.

Join a team of skilled and dedicated medical professionals. Find your perfect fit in our allied staff listings.

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