Preventive care is one of the most effective ways to improve and maintain your health. That’s why Vera focuses on providing you with all the tools you need to integrate good preventive care practices into your daily routine.

We’re here to help you build a healthier future with easy-to-access care centers and goal-oriented health coaching.

Why preventive care is so important

It’s common to ignore your health until some problem arises that warrants a visit with your provider. The problem with waiting is that your health issue can become bigger, harder, or more expensive to treat. You change the oil in your car to prevent damage to the engine, so why not take the same level of care with your health?

Preventive care allows you to address problems before they elevate into more significant issues. Plus, when you practice good preventive care, you’re more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices that will improve your overall wellness and quality of life.


Vera makes preventive care easy

One of the greatest challenges of preventive care is the fact that traditional healthcare systems have trained us to avoid the doctor’s office. Long wait times, expensive services, and the inconvenience of taking time off work to make an appointment all add up to a poor experience. But, at Vera, preventive care eliminates hassles.

At your Vera care center, there are no long office wait times. Plus, all your preventive care services are completely free so that you won’t be hit with an unexpected bill at the end of your appointment. Your Vera care center is conveniently located so you can get the care you need without having to take extra time off work to get to your appointment.

Annual Whole Health Evaluations

The best way to get started with preventive care is to schedule your Annual Whole Health Evaluation at Vera. Your evaluation includes a biometric screening, wellness exam, health coaching session, and for some patients, a health assessment. Once you complete your evaluation, you’ll have a complete snapshot of your overall health, along with recommendations, tips, and strategies from your provider and Vera Whole Health Coach for improving your health.

Get started on the path to better preventive care and better health. Call and schedule your Annual Whole Health Evaluation today!

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