Our team wants to help you manage the stress and uncertainty from the coronavirus outbreak. You don’t have to cope on your own. Our Vera whole health coaches are ready to support you.

You can try an easy 15-minute coaching connection and see first-hand how a Vera health coach can support you. To schedule your coaching connection call your Vera care center.

Even if you’re not stressed, health coaching is a valuable resource. Our health coaches are experts at helping you set and achieve your goals. Let’s take a look.

award-updatedHelping you set your goals and making them actionable

Maybe you want to lose weight or be in better shape. Maybe your ultimate goal is to be able to run after your grandchildren. These goals are made more difficult if you’re living through a shelter-in-place order in your state, but you don’t have to wait until the crisis is over to start making positive changes. Having a dedicated support system to help you achieve your goals is more important than ever. Your health coach can be just that. 

It’s human nature to want to get where you’re going fast. When that doesn’t work out, we regress and relapse, often backtrack, and get discouraged. Health coaches work with you to set small, achievable goals that are doable in your life right now. They work with you to talk through your specific goals, write them down, and help set up an action plan.  

Health coaches are guides that help you sustain forward momentum toward achieving health goals. Setting small goals with a timeline, and consistent support, helps make these goals achievable. 

calendar-cycleYou hold the power to make the change

Do you like being told what to do? Neither do we. Health coaching is a judgment-free, overwhelmingly positive process. It’s a collaborative process between you and your health coach. 

Health coaches work with you to hash out goals and plans through brainstorming sessions. In this exercise,  there are no wrong ideas or answers, just an opportunity to think outside the box. Many of us try the same tactics over and over, hoping to achieve the results we want, even when they haven’t worked in the past. Brainstorming sessions allow you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things that could end up being very helpful. 

empathetic-listeningListening and behavior change

Members often come to health coaches having done some self-reflection. Health coaches are there to listen and to encourage you to listen to how your thoughts sound to you when you express them out loud. This allows you to dive deeper and explore concerns you might have. By having a health coach really listen and reflect these thoughts back to you, you can start building more self-awareness and motivation toward making goals actionable. 

These conversations, rich in listening and reflection, help you to identify ways in which you can change behavior and achieve your health goals.

health-coachingHealth coaching is a team sport

Coaching is inherently a collaborative effort and is a member-focused team approach. Health coaches want to listen to what members have to say, no limits and no judgment. The overarching goal for health coaches is to understand where a person is on their health journey and how to guide them to where they want to go. 

Health coaches are dedicated to making your healthcare experience better, with constant support throughout the journey, no matter how challenging it may be. 

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