“A lot of people don’t want to let go of their old habits or they feel like they can’t change. You have to be willing to try, to put in the effort, to heed directions and advice and take it seriously. You can get results, absolutely.” — Kevin, Vera patient

For years, Kevin had tried to lose weight. But, after trying for three years, he hadn’t gotten any closer to his goal of losing 120 pounds. He had always been athletic. It was clear he knew how to be healthier, but he couldn’t seem to maintain the motivation he needed to achieve his goals. That’s when he visited Vera, and everything changed.

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Before joining a new boxing program and a mixed martial arts gym, Kevin decided to visit Vera to get a snapshot of his health. He had access to an on-site clinic through his work at Security Industry Specialists in Seattle, and made an appointment for an Annual Whole Health Evaluation. “I had been overweight my entire life. I know that can lead to health issues in your future. I wanted to see where I stood,” says Kevin. “I didn’t know what to expect. I knew what services were available but I didn’t have much experience with healthcare. I was open-minded and wanted to get a better idea of what they had to offer.”

After getting his biometric screening, Kevin talked to a Vera health coach and met with a provider to discuss his goals for better health. He learned he had high blood pressure and he needed to get more Vitamin D, but that overall he was in decent health. When he talked to his provider and Vera health coach about losing weight, it was clear Kevin knew what it took to exercise and eat better. It was his mind-set that needed attention.

When he was younger, Kevin was a regular athlete. He always had a coach or other mentor he could check-in with, someone who would hold him accountable and support him along the way. At Vera, Kevin’s provider and Vera health coach became his support system. By scheduling regular follow-up visits, Kevin found the motivation he needed to stick with his weight loss plan long-term.

“I definitely think for me, it was a mind-set thing. I think that’s what I struggled with the most in the beginning. The first time I worked out on my own when I was younger, I was just lifting weights and trying to eat clean, but it just slipped away from me because of my mind-set. At Vera, they helped me. They were so encouraging,” says Kevin.

With regular follow-up visits, Kevin started losing weight again, but this time he kept it off. In just six months, he was able to lose 70 pounds, and he has plans to keep going. By the end of the year, he hopes to have lost 120 pounds, and be in the best shape of his life.

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