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From Provider To Provider: Why Working At Vera Is Different

Recently, we sat down with two providers, Dr. Jlyn Pritchard and Dr. Sarah Crowe, to really dig into what sets Vera apart from other healthcare providers, why...

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How Vera Team Members Help Us Grow and Thrive

At Vera, we thrive when our employees can learn from and inspire one another, and truly feel supported in the work they’re doing to transform healthcare....

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Vera Whole Health Coach Shares What Makes The Difference Working At Vera

Recently, we sat down with Vera Whole Health Coach Nina Auerbach to talk about her experiences as a health coach, why she loves her job, how Vera Whole Health...

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New White Paper: Empathetic Listening In Primary Care

We’re thrilled to announce our latest white paper: How Empathetic Listening Improves Primary Care Patient Outcomes.

If you’re a medical practitioner and tired...

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With Vera, Provider Discovers The Freedom To Do What She Does Best

Recently, we sat down with Dr. Briana Cranmer, a primary care provider with the Municipality of Anchorage, to get her take on what it's like being a Vera...

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Q&A: What It's Like to Be a Vera Physician

We recently sat down with Dr. Phyllis Gilmore, Lead Provider at Hoffman North Clinic in Portland, OR, to discuss why she chose to work in medicine and what led...