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Ease On Down The Road

Being in session with a patient is my favorite part of the job! It is an exercise in being present with your patient and always mindful of where they are and...

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Kick Start The New Decade With 5 Tips For Healthier Living

2020 is here! Lots of people are thinking about how to make this decade their healthiest ever.

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Get Ready For Your 2020 Wellness Goals

Have you ever started the new year resolved to improve your health and wellness, but found by the end of January that you may have set bigger goals than you...

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Taking Health Coaching To New Heights In 2020

A new day is on the horizon for Vera Whole Health coaches. Vera Coach Onboarding is now approved by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)...

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Growth Mindset: The Long Term Benefits Of Coaching

“I’m not just running again after thinking I couldn’t, due to my car accident. I’m doing other things that I thought I couldn’t do as well!” This was a closing...
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Why Eat Seasonally?

Do you tend to crave certain foods at different times of the year? When it’s hot, you may crave light, juicy foods, and when it’s cold, you may find yourself...

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6 Tips To Construct Fitness Goals As “Forever Habits”

When setting long-term fitness goals, it can be difficult to sustain our motivation. We often “run out of steam." So, why is it hard to sustain long-term...

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Vera Whole Health Coach Ivan Rosemblatt On Why Empathy Is Important

Leading a health revolution takes passionate and committed people in many different types of professions. At the center of Vera’s healthcare model is...

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How To Make Habits Stick

“I know what to do, but I don’t know HOW to make it happen” – Every person at some point, probably

It’s a common debacle. We envision the changes we want to...

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Make A Setback A Comeback: How To Avoid Letting A Slip Up Become A Free-Fall

In health coaching, one of the ways we achieve behavior change is by breaking down larger goals into smaller, more manageable steps.

Want to get to the gym...

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Vera Whole Health Coach Shares What Makes The Difference Working At Vera

Recently, we sat down with Vera Whole Health Coach Nina Auerbach to talk about her experiences as a health coach, why she loves her job, how Vera Whole Health...

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Health Coaching Unlocks Big Changes

“I am so appreciative of Vera. Somehow or another, Shannon put everything together for me. I don’t think I’d be here, where I am. I might have been better, but...