You’re not alone if a flu shot is on your fall to-do list. We know you’re busy so we offer the flu vaccine conveniently at your Vera clinic. Just stop in. But if it’s not your tight schedule that’s keeping you from a flu shot, it could be that you’ve heard some rumors:

Dispelling rumors about flu shots

1. The flu vaccine makes you sick.

We hear this often. But it’s not possible to get sick from the vaccine because there is no active virus in it, except for the nasal spray, which we don’t recommend. You may get achy from the shot and have the feeling like you’re coming down with something for a day or two, but that’s just the antibody response.

2. The flu vaccine doesn’t work.

The flu virus does change year to year, so it’s true that in some years the vaccine does not get the major virus going around. But at Vera, we use a flu vaccine that catches four strains of the virus. Plus, any immunization for flu decreases the chances of hospitalization or death from the illness.

3. If I don’t get the vaccine, I’m only hurting myself.

The flu virus spreads quickly and becomes deadly for 20,000 Americans each year. But with vaccination, we know these fatalities can be reduced. Herd immunity is important: the more people who get the flu vaccine, the less likely there is to be an epidemic. Being vaccinated makes you less likely to spread the virus.

Busting myths about biometric screening

Your body changes from year to year and Vera makes it easy to keep up through biometric screening. Here are some common misconceptions we hear about biometric screening:

1. I’m young, I don’t need to worry about this yet.

Most people don’t worry about their blood pressure, obesity, weight, and cholesterol numbers until they have a serious problem affecting their health.

At Vera, we encourage people to do preventive screening when they’re in their 20s and 30s so that we get a snapshot of what their risk is.

2. Screening is time-consuming – and I don’t want to fast

At your Vera Whole Health clinic, you can get a quick finger stick and get results immediately. Our biometric screening does not require fasting.

3. They’re just going to tell me what I already know

This could be true -- most of us don’t need to be told we need to lose weight, for example, but many serious health problems like diabetes start with no noticeable symptoms.

Biometrics is an easy, quick way to find out what your risk factors are. Catching risks before they become major issues can make a huge difference in your future health.

Come into your Vera Whole Health clinic and check both the flu shot and a biometric screening off your to-do list today.

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