We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our existing relationship with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

Starting earlier this year, Vera whole health coaches who are NBHWC certified can now use Vera trainings to earn the continuing education (CE) credits needed to maintain their certification at no cost.

This additional investment in our coaches reflects our commitment to whole person care. At each of our care centers, health coaches serve as integral members of the care team, ensuring that we’re investing in patients’ physical, mental, and emotional health.

Benefits to patients

As we near the end of the third month of the COVID-19 crisis, we’re seeing more than ever the importance of whole person care. Not only do patients need care for physical ailments, whether COVID-19 or something else, the enormous mental and emotional strain from the pandemic is becoming clear as we all struggle with the impacts of isolation and social distancing. We must care for the mental and emotional needs of patients and particularly patients who are working on the front-lines in healthcare. 


Our whole health coaches are the tip of the spear when it comes to meeting the emotional health needs of our patients. Coaches in each of our care centers offer patients a means of interpersonal connection, making sure that they know they’re not alone and helping them find the right way forward.

Qualifying our trainings for CE credits by the NBHWC allows our coaches to receive high quality training at no cost, ensuring that they have the support they need as demands increase through this crisis and its immediate fallout.

Benefits to health coaches

Our health coaches do important work every day. They walk alongside and support patients so that they can make decisions that will improve their long-term health. They are vital support to our providers. 


Industry standards require health coaches to earn 36 CE hours every 3 years. Our recent training program accreditation through the NBHWC allows our coaches to apply Vera coursework towards meeting their coaching CE requirements.  

Vera’s existing NBHWC CE-approved trainings include:

  • Onboarding 80+ hours
  • Biannual/annual coach summits
  • Mentoring by Mentor Coach

Not to mention, more CE-approved trainings coming soon. And it doesn’t end there. Each of our health coaches receive a $1,000 annual stipend towards  CEs that must be completed outside of Vera’s training program. 

Benefits to care centers

Investing in CE for our coaches benefits every care center. NBHWC certified coaches are trained in the most effective coaching methods and can provide patients with the highest quality coaching available. 

Because coaches play a key role in motivating patients to change their behaviors, high-performing coaches improve health outcomes and the quality of care.

But that’s not the only benefit to a care center. Not just health coaches, but any care team member with a coaching background who is NBHWC certified will be able to earn CE credits to help them maintain their certification.

If you’re a health coach looking to practice whole health care, we’d love to talk. Explore our open roles today.

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