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Working with Vera is proven to lower your overall healthcare costs

We’re willing to put up to 100% of our fees at risk to prove it. Vera’s approach to advanced primary care and population health management is based on data. Our success is based on data, too, with results gleaned from verified healthcare cost savings, claims reductions, and patient satisfaction ratings.

Employer results you can see

Advanced primary care is the right care at the right price. It’s an investment that generates a return far into the future with healthier employees, reduced claims, and greater savings.


Validated outcomes

Vera has received validations for population health cost management and health outcomes.

Our performance guarantee includes a return up to 100% of our fees.

Real world savings:
Seattle Children's

Seattle Children’s is one of the leading children’s hospitals in the United States. It employs over 6,000 dedicated medical professionals who provide patient care and conduct groundbreaking pediatric research.

We worked with Seattle Children’s to build a clinic near their main campus in 2012. The hospital paid the start-up costs and monthly fee for each eligible employee, on top of their existing monthly benefits package.

The challenges faced by Seattle Children’s


The Vera Whole Health impact


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Vera's advanced primary care services are available in the State of Washington to:
1. Individuals designated by a registered or admitted health carrier: An individual who a Washington state registered or admitted health carrier ("Carrier") contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services and who is enrolled in such Carrier's:
(a) fully insured group plan; or,
(b) administered self-insured group plan; or,
(c) reciprocal network access program [such as the BlueCard program]; or,
(d) fully-insured plan issued through a state or federal program; or,
(e) fully-insured individual plan.

2. Individuals Designated by a Self-Funded Employer or Self-Funded Union Trust: An individual who a self-funded employer or self-funded union trust contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services.

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