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Advanced primary care sets insurers apart in the marketplace, adding value to payer clients and members, improving member satisfaction, and driving down the total cost of healthcare.


Individual Consumers

For individual consumers who are able to access advanced primary care through their insurers or employers, this methodology provides the attentive, empathetic, and proactive care they want but never experience in the current fee-for-service healthcare system. With specialist care coordination, on-site testing and assessments, laboratory service, and dispensaries located in one convenient location, members receive the attention they need from a primary care team they know and trust. 

Group Consumers

Advanced primary care improves population health, which in turn lowers overall healthcare costs. An advanced informatics platform to identify and manage health risks, negative social determinants to health in the workplace, and other metrics helps the primary care team engage with and intervene with vulnerable patients. The result is healthier, happier employees, higher utilization and satisfaction rates among both patients and members, better cost control, and more distinct value to current and prospective customers.

Medicare Advantage

Patient healthcare needs change as we age. For members 65 and older, advanced primary care through Medicare Advantage can help to keep them healthy for as long as possible. Providers are able to deliver timely on-site point of care testing and more accurate risk capture and documentation of medical diagnoses, along with high medication adherence performance. The Medicare Advantage member engagement program ensures annual assessments and screenings are completed and coding is accurate to support insurer billing needs.

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Partnering with Vera to improve healthcare options, services, and delivery gives insurers a partner at the forefront of advanced primary care. We help you stand out in a field of similar insurance companies, carriers, and networks all providing similar products. You’ll build additional value for your customers while saving money on claims.

Our solution simplifies the healthcare process for employers and their employees while offering a higher standard of care through time-rich appointments, data-driven risk assessment and identification, personalized health plans, health coaching and behavior change guidance, and coordination with specialists.

The results are clear

We help insurers provide greater value to their clients by applying a more comprehensive and centralized approach to healthcare. Our model successfully reduces costs while increasing patient awareness, education, and empowerment in improving their own health.

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Case Study

Seattle Children's saved millions

Seattle Children’s has saved $3.5 million on rising claims, unsuccessful employee wellness programs, and looming tax penalties by working with Vera to build a clinic near their main campus.

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Making advanced primary care a direct-to-employer or direct-to-consumer offering demonstrates a commitment to quality and value, staying ahead of the demand for alternatives to the standard narrow network approach. Advanced primary care is the right way to get into care delivery, and the best way to set yourself apart in the marketplace.



Advanced primary care allows for greater control over quality of care, and therefore greater control of member satisfaction and healthcare costs. Not to mention an attractive product to entice non-enrolled groups and members.

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Partnering with us means gaining peace of mind. You know that you’re providing the best option to set you apart from the competition, ensure member satisfaction, and reduce costs. We’ll even help you to strategize and plan for an effective rollout of our services with minimal disruption for your members.

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