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Advanced Primary Care: The Front Line Of A Health Revolution

Better healthcare needs champions. If you’ve ever felt underserved by the current healthcare system, you’re not alone. Advanced primary care (APC) is what healthcare should be, but isn’t ... yet.


How Empathetic Listening Improves Primary Care Patient Outcomes

At Vera, we’re using empathetic listening to inspire behavior change and drive lasting, positive health outcomes. If comprehensive, preventive, coordinated care aligns with your values, download our new white paper to learn more.

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Delivering Managed Care The Way It Was Intended

Managed care, the kind you’re thinking of, never really had a chance. In fact, it was nothing more than a lie. But now it’s a different story. Today’s new managed care is different. Its aim is to actually manage a patient’s care. Find out what that means, but more importantly why you should care.


On-Site Clinic Essentials -- Issue 2: Benefit Strategy Design

You might think it’s impossible to make personalized healthcare more accessible to your employees, and drive down overall healthcare costs. That’s why we created this white paper — to show you what happens when you center your benefit strategy around an on-site clinic.


On-Site Clinic Essentials -- Issue 1: Culture Matters

Attracting and keeping top talent is more competitive today than it’s ever been. And the competition will only become more fierce. How do you rise above the competition and stand out as THE place to work? One way is to sweeten the benefits package.

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A Strategic Guide to Planning and Launching an On-Site Clinic

A Strategic Guide to Planning and Launching an On-Site Clinic is an ideal resource for HR leaders committed to the idea of an on- or near-site clinic or care center. It's also an excellent resource for CEOs who are performing their due diligence on the potential value of their own clinic.

On-Site Clinic Quiz

On-Site Clinic Quiz

Find out if an on- or near-site clinic is right for you, and learn what kind of savings it could generate, with our 9-question quiz. If you're a good fit, you'll get a free resource and 30-minute consultation with an on-site clinic specialist.

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Two Truths About Patient Engagement

In this study, we looked at 4,118 participating patients at Seattle Children's over the course of six years. 46% of these patients used the Vera on-site clinic. The remaining 54% did not.

Sick Care Is Doomed To Failure - Cover

Sick Care Is Doomed To Failure

From dedicated care teams to empathetic listening practices, this eBook shows how Vera’s commitment to behavior change unfolds in the real world. Learn about the obstacles patients and providers face when trying to cultivate behavior change in traditional healthcare systems.

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7 LIES We’ve Told Ourselves That Prevent Us From Fixing Healthcare

We constantly talk about fixing healthcare, but we lie to ourselves about what’s driving our system’s flaws. The result is that our self-deception prevents us from seeing what’s really going on, and guarantees we’ll keep making the same mistakes. In this white paper, we take on seven of those mistakes, and the lies that are driving them.

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The Definitive Guide to Evaluating On-Site Clinics

All is not well in healthcare today. The American medical sector dwarfs most other sectors of the economy. Hundreds of million of dollars are spent on research. Little progress is made. Costs continue to rise, and Americans are sicker than ever before. Where does this leave employers?


Vera On-Site Clinics Work: We Have A Certificate To Prove It

Vera is the first direct-to-employer on-site clinic provider in the US to earn a Certificate of Validation by the Care Innovations™ Validation Institute. Certification from the Validation Institute backs Vera’s claims and supports the effectiveness of an on-site clinic.

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Stop Treating Patients Like Cogs In A Machine

Learn why Vera on-site clinics transform workplaces. Discover what makes the Vera model effective by experiencing a visit through the eyes of a patient. Understand how Vera's approach to managed care drives cost savings.


Benefit Strategy Design: Solving an Impossible Task

Consistently rising costs in healthcare make crafting a benefit strategy a yearly challenge for employers. On average, large organizations can expect to spend 15% more on their benefits plan each year. What if employers have been asking the wrong questions? And it is possible to spend less by spending more?