We truly believe in
the power of people

Vera Whole Health is at the vanguard of a health revolution and a national leader in advanced primary care. Our model is uniquely designed to help people achieve optimum social, psychological, and physical well-being — an outcome that’s neither probable nor affordable within the current sick-care system. Vera is the only primary care provider to have received two validations, for population health cost management and for health outcomes.

The mission

The World Health Organization states that “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” We agree. Healthcare as it exists today can’t help people achieve whole health. We’re here to transform healthcare and create a health revolution. Join us. There’s room for everyone.


Empathetic listening is at the core of what we do.

Guiding people through the stages of behavior change unlocks the belief that they are in charge of their own health.

We strive for 100% engagement. People can only benefit if they’re able to take advantage of the resources at their disposal.

We’re grateful for our collaborators and our competitors. We’re all in this together.

Our healthcare vision for the next decade

Vera President & CEO Ryan Schmid believes a simpler formula will be key to the success of a healthcare revolution in the coming years and that  this equation amounts to greater human connection.

“We can spend all the time we want addressing physical conditions after they’ve occurred, like in an exam room, but that’s not what’s actually causing poor health. It has very much to do with one’s social networks. So, as a clinical and business model, being very aware of that allows us to train our folks differently, to think differently, to operate differently, to really impact community and social networks so that we’re not just putting a bandaid on the problem but we’re actually addressing the root cause.” - Ryan Schmid


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Empathetic listening improves overall health

Too often, patients feel like they are just another cog in the healthcare machine. Not so when empathetic listening is employed.

Empathetic listening allows providers and their care teams to get below the surface.

When physicians, nurses, and health coaches employ empathetic listening, they help their patients achieve positive health outcomes. And when patients feel esteemed by their care team, they believe in their ability to make a positive impact on their own health.

Where Vera Works

Our clients include JP Morgan Chase, Baylor Medicine, Seattle Children’s, and Amy’s Kitchen, with care centers across the United States.


Careers at Vera

Working at Vera Whole Health allows primary care providers and other allied professionals to operate more fully and effectively, accompanying patients on every step of their healthcare journey. Be part of a team that puts empathetic listening, patient engagement, population health management, and better outcomes — rather than profit alone — at the center of their care model.

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Vera's advanced primary care services are available in the State of Washington to:
1. Individuals designated by a registered or admitted health carrier: An individual who a Washington state registered or admitted health carrier ("Carrier") contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services and who is enrolled in such Carrier's:
(a) fully insured group plan; or,
(b) administered self-insured group plan; or,
(c) reciprocal network access program [such as the BlueCard program]; or,
(d) fully-insured plan issued through a state or federal program; or,
(e) fully-insured individual plan.

2. Individuals Designated by a Self-Funded Employer or Self-Funded Union Trust: An individual who a self-funded employer or self-funded union trust contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services.

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