One of the most effective ways for employees to become engaged patients and improve their health is also one of the simplest: establishing care.

Establishing care happens when a patient chooses a single provider to be their primary source of medical care. This simple act can have a profound impact on engagement and overall health.

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Here’s why.

Why establishing care is important

Establishing care is important because it sets up patients to have a consistent and trusted source for all their primary care medical needs.

An established care provider is familiar with a patient’s medical history, current health issues, and goals for better health. That baseline of information allows providers to offer treatment options and medical advice that factors in a person’s overall health, rather than just their current symptoms.

Benefits of established care

  • Allows for personalized treatment plans that reflect a patient’s complete health history and their goals and ongoing barriers for better health.
  • Creates trusting relationships that encourage patients to feel more comfortable scheduling appointments, meeting with their provider, and communicating their health issues.
  • Fosters an environment of accountability where patients are more likely to adhere to treatment plans, driving positive health outcomes and self-efficacy.

3 ways to encourage your employees to establish care

  1. Share a Story — Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to communicate the benefits of established care. With patient consent, share a story about a patient who established care with a Vera provider, like that of Vera patient Frank Garcia.
  2. Conduct a Workshop  Host a workshop and invite a primary care provider to come and talk about the positive impact primary care can have on overall health. Having a provider speak allows employees to ask questions and get more info.
  3. Demystify Keep your explanation of established care straightforward and easy to understand. Let people know that established care is simply choosing one provider to trust with your healthcare, so you can get more personalized care.

When a patient establishes care at Vera, it also facilitates our unique approach to managed care. At Vera, we're implementing managed care the way it was intended.

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