Jim Lopez, Assistant City Manager for the City of Kirkland, was recently featured on KIRO Radio's podcast Ross Files With Dave Ross.

The topic: How the City of Kirkland saved over 42% in healthcare expenses in the first year with a new approach to care delivery and employee health - including a revolutionary approach to providing direct primary care.

Here are some highlights: 

“We make a significant investment in primary care, so folks feel like it’s much easier to get there and that they would have much more time to get to know their doctor and spend time learning about themselves and feel comfortable and trusting in that relationship. Not a 15 minute type of visit. 
The clinic we hired is a company called Vera Whole Health. They’re a local startup when we did it and they’re kind of growing gangbusters now. We’re very pleased with them."

Listen to the full interview and hear how an entire city took healthcare expenses into their own hands to give their employees great care at a reasonable price.



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