New Video: Learn Why Our Care Teams Love Working At Vera

Vera care teams love their jobs. Whether it’s the time they get to spend with patients, the focus on empathetic listening, or their ability to practice whole health - caring for the social, emotional, and physical health of their patients - it’s why they joined healthcare in the first place and it’s why they’re here. Watch the video above to hear them talk about their experience.

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Video Transcript:

Ryan Schmid (0:06): So, I think what makes Vera unique is, as an organization, we are singularly focused on one thing, which is this idea of a health revolution. Our entire care model is designed around health as being social, mental, and physical well-being.
Dr. Kevin Wang (0:26): So, I think the providers that really come, and get it, you know, kinda think differently. They'll think: "Oh my gosh yeah, I don't want to see 35 patients a day. I don't want to, you know, stay until 8pm and chart for three hours at night time."
Dr. Sarat Raman (0:41): Vera has afforded me a ton of opportunity. But I think the number one piece is, having that expanded time with my patients. Not feeling that I have to rush them in and out the door.  Usually, patients have about seven to twelve minutes to rattle through a list of problems with a provider in a traditional model. At Vera we have thirty minute and sixty minute visits.
Allie Quady (1:05): At Vera we're also really focused on prevention, and a lot of that is where the whole health coach comes into play. I get to talk to people about changes they've been thinking about making, changes they wanna make, and help guide them through that process.
Sue Ferbet (1:20): What really drew me to Vera was the fact that we focus so much more on making a difference for members through empathetic listening. Through helping them with behavior change. More often than not, people know what they need to do. It's how to get to get to that point of being able to do it that they struggle with.
Joe Gardner, ARNP (1:42): The reason that I like Vera is that it treats you as a person, it treats you as, someone who is valued. And they are very much invested in their employees, and seeking the best for their employees too.
Jlyn Pritchard, D.O. (2:01): Having the gift of time in a patient day is irreplaceable, to be honest with you.
Sarah Crow (2:07): This company is very rooted in their morals, and their motto, and they live it to the fullest. I mean, one of our goals is to create a healthcare revolution through empathetic listening and enlivening other people. And all of that flows through everything that we do here at Vera.
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