New care centers are an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals to work within a collaborative environment where they’ll have a direct impact on the health outcomes of their patients.

Have you ever considered joining a Vera care team in a new community? Here’s what you can expect.

The Structure
Of The Team

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When building a new care team, Vera first considers the specific needs of the population. Internally developed staffing ratios help determine the mix that will best allow the team to support and serve their patients.

Vera care teams frequently consist of:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Vera Whole Health Coaches
  • Medical assistants
  • Patient service representatives

Partners also sometimes request additional roles, such as behavioral health consultants or diabetes educators.

What qualities make someone a good fit?

During the recruiting process, Vera looks for care team members with strong credentials and relevant experience within the healthcare industry. Cultural fit is also crucial, as our advanced primary care (APC) model contributes to a different kind of work environment.

Healthcare professionals used to working at traditional, fee-for-service practices need to be prepared to replace volume with value. Put into practice, this means they need to be capable of interacting with patients empathetically and willing to invest in the relationships that help drive health outcomes.

A positive, collaborative team dynamic

The APC model also takes a team-based approach to care. Vera care team members need to possess a collaborative mindset and be open and respectful to their coworkers.

For example, if a patient is having a hard time meeting their goal of exercising consistently, a provider might need to turn to a Vera health coach for support. In another scenario, a diabetes educator might be the care team member most capable of improving a patient’s health outcomes. 

This team-based approach also allows for efficient care coordination and a happy, productive work environment — a difference that patients see and feel.

Training And Onboarding

New care teams go through an intensive training period of roughly three weeks before their care center opens. This process includes:

vera - What It’s Like To Join A Vera Care Team - graphic3Experience training

Experience training gives new Vera team members an opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level, laying the groundwork that will allow them to function and thrive as a team.

vera - What It’s Like To Join A Vera Care Team - graphic4Practical training

Practical training provides specific knowledge on tools, workflows, and operations. Role play is incorporated into practical training, giving new team members an opportunity to experience processes from different perspectives.

vera - What It’s Like To Join A Vera Care Team - graphic5Population training

Each population is unique. Population training allows team members to develop an understanding of specific circumstances and health concerns. Data and analytics provide them with information such as whether there are a high number of diabetics, hypertensives, or people who don’t seek healthcare within the population.

The Unique
Experience Of Working
In A New Market

Individuals who join a new Vera care center are faced with the exciting prospect of getting to know a new community of people. This includes developing an understanding of existing limitations and available resources, such as traffic patterns, specialists, or a partner hospital. 

Fortunately, Vera is well-prepared for these dynamics, supporting new care teams to quickly gain familiarity with their populations and take advantage of available resources. 

Patients quickly discover that there’s something different about Vera, as they build relationships with their care teams, say goodbye to long waits before appointments, gain access to meaningful help and support, and see their health outcomes improve.

An Opportunity To Provide Value To Patients

People who work in healthcare want to have a positive impact on the lives of patients. The Vera care delivery model is a proven way to realize that goal. When you join a Vera care team, you’ll be able to focus on increasing access to care, improving member experience, and delivering better health outcomes.

For information on joining a Vera care team, visit our careers page.


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