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Fortify your organization through new and improved healthcare delivery

Adding Vera advanced primary care to your offerings will give you better control over member satisfaction and cost-savings. Your clients will save money on overall healthcare costs and their members will be happier, healthier, and more productive.

The right mix of services



We use an advanced informatics platform that includes in-depth reports on population health, disease burden, and co-morbidities. Claims data analysis allows our providers to pinpoint areas of risk, evaluate the prevalence of uncoordinated care, and identify high-risk, high-cost individuals who would benefit most from intervention.



We strive to meet the needs of diverse patient populations, staffing providers and offering services tailored to community demographics and the work environment. Get Spanish-speaking care teams, after-hours consultations, physical therapy, behavioral health, and more for a custom care experience.

Relief from rising costs

As an insurer, keeping your clients satisfied means saving them money while providing healthcare options that meet the demand for better services. Here are a few numbers to keep in mind when considering how working with Vera can help you meet those goals.


White Paper

Better Health and Reduced Costs for the City of Kirkland

Learn how the City of Kirkland designed a benefit strategy around a Vera care center to drive significant savings while increasing primary care utilization.

We intentionally built our benefit plan around the Vera clinic.

It was the centerpiece -- the heart -- of our benefit solution. And the approach worked. It was exactly the medical home our union members wanted for themselves and their families, and three years later it continues to drive cost savings for the City while helping all of us stay healthy.

Jim Lopez, Assistant City Manager, City of Kirkland, Washington.

Core Services

The variety of care options available through Vera covers a wide range of services that your members will appreciate.

Planned Care

Providing annual whole health evaluations, comprehensive physical exams, biometric screenings, health risk assessments, injections and immunizations, travel medicine, and provider-dispensed medications.

On-site labs and coordination of specialty care also increase the convenience of patient visits.

Unplanned Care

Treating illness and serious injuries quickly, with episodic sick and urgent care. The primary team will provide care for suturing and basic wounds, sprains, infections, colds and upper respiratory issues, urinary tract issues, and asthma.

Health Coaching

Facilitating lasting lifestyle and behavior change that improves health. Vera’s health coaches are an integral part of the primary care team, trained in empathetic listening and the transtheoretical behavior change model. They provide the guidance and support patients need to own and manage their own health.

Disease Management

Managing the chronic medical conditions of high-risk, high-cost patients through education. The primary care team helps affected patients understand their disease, its causes, exacerbating factors, ways to avoid worsening the condition, and how to manage their health for improved quality of life.

Occupational Health

Protecting your workplace and employees with medical services that treat work-related injuries and provide care coordination, employment assessments, drug and CDL testing, and workplace safety.

Vera Care Teams

Advanced primary care and support for whole patient health
A typical Vera care team includes a primary care provider, allied health staff (medical assistants, LPNs, and patient services representative), and health coaches.


All our staff are trained extensively by our Learning & Development team. Using experiential learning methodologies that immerse team members into our culture, we help to create more emotionally intelligent and effective clinical teams.



Vera health coaches are also well-versed in empathetic listening and behavioral change methods, allowing them to gain deeper insight into patient needs so that they can offer the best tools for addressing their concerns. We’re dedicated to serving our clients’ best interests at every level.

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