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Advanced primary care brings game-changing value to your clients and members, and solidifies your relevance in the market.

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Advanced primary care is the most effective way to meet your members’ needs.


Vera’s approach to advanced primary care and population health management is based on data. Our success is based on data, too, with results gleaned from verified healthcare cost savings, claims reductions, and patient satisfaction ratings. These numbers will also help you to weigh the value of our services to your organization.

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Vera Whole Health is your turnkey solution to advanced primary care. When added to your new or existing health plans, your members will love the accessibility and your clients will jump at the cost savings.



Our performance guarantee includes a 100% return on our fees.

Real World Savings:
Seattle Children's

As one of the top ranked children’s health facilities in the nation, Seattle Children’s employs over 6,000 dedicated medical professionals who provide patient care and conduct groundbreaking pediatric research.

We worked with Seattle Children’s to build a clinic near their main campus in 2012. The hospital paid the start-up costs and monthly fee for each eligible employee on top of their existing monthly benefits package.

The Challenges Faced by Seattle Children’s


The Vera Whole Health Impact


Validated Outcomes

We’re the first provider in the United States to earn a Certificate of Validation by the Validation Institute for sound population health cost outcomes.


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