Recently, we sat down with two providers, Dr. Jlyn Pritchard and Dr. Sarah Crowe, to really dig into what sets Vera apart from other healthcare providers, why they love practicing in a Vera care center, and what it means for them to be revolutionizing healthcare.

Vera’s a great place to work. Don’t take our word for it — take theirs!

Why do you like working at Vera?

Dr. Jlyn Pritchard:

Before I was at Vera, I was seeing 34 patients in a 10-hour day. What Vera has managed to miraculously do — for those of us who are providing medical care — is they’ve given us the gift of time. And that is an irreplaceable thing in the practice of medicine. In a way, it’s almost going back 40 years to what medicine used to be like, with a few extra administrators on the side.

To be able to look patients in the eye and go, “Hey. What’s going on?” And have the time to actually explore that. The model of Vera is very much in line with how I practice. And I really want people to recognize that there’s something special here. That they recognize that behavioral and lifestyle changes are maybe just as important as the physical ones.

Dr. Sarah Crowe:

I like working at Vera because of the culture that this company has created. When you come to work here, everyone loves to work here, everyone is happy to work here. And I think when I first came to Vera, I was like, this can’t be true. Everyone can’t be this happy to come to work! And they really are. It’s really a thing.


What sets Vera apart from other healthcare practices you’ve worked at?

Dr. Sarah Crowe:

The difference I feel here at Vera, compared to other healthcare practices I’ve worked at, is this company is very rooted in their morals and their motto — and they live it to the fullest. I mean, one of our goals is to create a healthcare revolution through empathetic listening and enlivening other people. All of that flows through everything that we do here at Vera.

Dr. Jlyn Pritchard:

I think that Vera sets itself apart naturally. The model of comprehensive care in Vera is permeating through the entire organization.

And I honestly think that one of the coolest things about this organization is that it wasn’t started by a doctor. It wasn’t started by somebody who said, “I’m going to fix this system. This system is broken.” It was an outsider who recognized, “Hey. We’ve got some power here to make some positive changes and I actually think that healthcare is going to be the avenue to do that.”

What would you say to a provider considering a move to Vera?

Dr. Sarah Crowe:

So for any of my colleagues that may be considering a move to another practice, I would tell them that change is difficult no matter what. I think that when you’re moving to a company that really values their employees, and listens to them, and you know you have direct access to the CEO and the medical director, you feel like your concerns are addressed a lot faster and in real time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vera as an employer to any of my colleagues.

Dr. Jlyn Pritchard:

I think the move to Vera is more than likely a positive one. Having the gift of time in a patient’s day is irreplaceable, to be honest with you. And my hope and prayer and fingers crossed with every effort of my being hopes that never changes here. And because of the company’s mission, I don’t think it will. I do think that one thing to consider is that if you’re not someone who’s really passionate about lifestyle and who can physically live out that lifestyle as an example to patients, I don’t know that Vera’s the right fit for you. But if it is, and if there’s an interest in lifestyle changes, in positively influencing the burden of chronic disease and chronic mental illness and the burden of life for people, I think that Vera is an incredible opportunity.

Every day, Vera is changing the face of healthcare. We need amazing providers like you to help. Check out open positions at Vera.

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