Vera is growing quickly. We’re continually planning how to scale our workforce to support our care center and partner expansions. Doing this while still maintaining the high standards for Vera clinical teams is our highest priority.

While our number of care centers increases and our geographic reach expands, our approach to recruiting and retaining the highest quality providers is unchanging. The Vera recruiting process remains thoughtful, thorough, and effective.



We are committed to finding the best possible candidates to fill our team. We begin posting our provider openings months prior to the care center opening. We generally use the following timelines:

    • Physician roles: 6+ months prior to opening
    • Nurse Practitioner roles: 5 months prior to opening
    • Practice Manager roles: 5 months prior to opening
    • Whole Health Coach roles: 5 months prior to opening

Once we’ve completed the recruiting and interviewing process and identified top candidates, we extend our hiring offers approximately two months prior to the care center opening.

The first weeks as a new Vera team member are dedicated to rigorous onboarding and getting to know the team closely. We’ll cover everything from HIPAA training to mastering the Vera Way. This is the foundation of our company values: mindfulness, continuous learning, and a coach approach.


The Vera Way

At Vera, our company culture reflects our values of mindfulness, continuous learning, and a coach approach. It is vital to us that our team members across every department are proud to represent us and help us grow. We thrive when our employees can learn from and inspire one another, and truly feel supported in their work. Our goal is to have satisfied employees who are excited to refer exceptional candidates to join us in the health revolution.


What Makes Us Unique Helps Us Thrive

Vera Team members take pride in helping members achieve their health goals through behavior change. Our model of behavior change works because the decision to change comes from the members. Once they begin to meet their goals, their confidence builds, and they are empowered to achieve more goals, and ultimately get to where they want to be. Being an integral part of a member’s successful health journey is what helps Vera Team members thrive.

But it goes beyond the physical health goals of individual members. Clinic staff routinely find that once members start making different decisions about their health, they are empowered to make positive change in other aspects of their lives as well. From personal relationships, career opportunities, to various other aspects of their lives, members find that behavior change reverberates throughout their entire lives. They discover that they can achieve what they may have never thought possible before working with their health coaches and providers.

We invite you to see for yourself what makes Vera so special. Apply now, or share with a friend. And be sure to sign up for our careers email updates.

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