The managed care you’re thinking of right now never had a chance ...

Because in the most traditional sense, it didn’t actually manage a patient’s care. It was more about managing costs for the employer than about health outcomes.

That's why managed care was doomed to fail before it even began over 30 years ago. But now it’s a different story.


If you'll give us a little bit of your time, we'd like to show you why today’s new managed care should be important to you.

Here’s what you can expect in this white paper:

  • A New, Better Foundation: New managed care is built on a foundation that rejects a “sick care” approach to health
  • Two Critical Pieces To Define New Managed Care: Primary care coordination and providing patients with "a medical home" make all the difference
  • Proof New Managed Care Works: Examples from the City of Kirkland and Seattle Children's Hospital
  • New Managed Care Done Right: A partnership between primary care providers and their patients

We hope you’ll see that a new class of managed care has emerged: one that is centered around effective primary care and can actually manage a patient’s care on their health journey—just like it was intended to do in the first place.

Learn more in our new white paper, Delivering Managed Care The Way It Was Intended. Just click here to get started...

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