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Imagine healthcare that treats people, not symptoms — a model that creates opportunity instead of costs, and emphasizes value over profit.

This is healthcare the way it should be.

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It's time for a healthcare model that actually works.

Our sick care system is broken. This is what healthcare, built on time and trust, was always meant to be.


Healthcare that works for everyone

A healthier workforce, reduced costs

Advanced primary care is the solution to relentlessly rising healthcare costs. Accessibility, informatics, care coordination, and time are the foundation. Lifestyle change, healthier people, higher employee satisfaction, and lower costs are the result.

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The best member experience

Advanced primary care is the key to market value and member satisfaction. It is the means to growth, the path to differentiation, and the experience your members have always wanted.

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Healthcare the way it should be 

Advanced primary care is time with your provider. Not waiting, not worrying, and not filling out paperwork. Your care team knows you, advocates for you, coordinates your care, and follows up. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is what healthcare was always meant to be.

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Advanced primary care is proven to improve health, satisfaction, and cost-savings

Get the right care at the right price. Advanced primary care is an investment that generates returns long into the future.


Seattle Children's saved millions

Seattle Children’s has saved $3.5 million on rising claims, unsuccessful employee wellness programs, and looming tax penalties by working with Vera to build a clinic near their main campus.



Advanced Primary Care

The Vera advanced primary care model optimizes healthcare services, resources, and access for patients.

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Empathetic Listening

As a patient, receiving empathy allows us to feel heard and seen, which makes us feel safe. When we feel safe we become open to possibility and are more willing and eager to take ownership of our health. As a provider, listening empathetically demands presence — turning our full attention to the human being in front of us. 

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Customized Client Solutions

We’ll work with you to design an advanced primary care solution that meets your goals for cost-efficient healthcare and population health management.

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Learn from what we've learned

See our most popular blog posts and downloadable resources. Learn more about patient engagement, advanced primary care, on-site and near-site clinics, benefit strategies, cost savings, preventive care, and health coaching.

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It's about partnership

We work with some incredible people. Join us, and get a partner who is invested in your success.

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Where Vera Works

Our clients include Seattle Children’s, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City, and Amy’s Kitchen, with care centers in several major US cities. Find us on the map.

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  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
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  • Washington

Careers at Vera

Join Vera to work alongside medical and allied professionals who place quality care, compassion, and patient engagement first. View our available positions.

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