Too Many Options? Here’s How to Overcome Point Solution Fatigue.

Point solutions — tools and services that help users address specific issues — have become an appealing option for employers and health plans interested in addressing specific areas of concern within their populations. If you’ve ever logged into an app like Monj to track your nutritional behaviors, for example, then you might have a concept of how a point solution can support a member’s health journey.

The problem is that employers and health plans have thousands of health and wellbeing point solution vendors (PSVs) to choose from. Not only does vetting available solutions take a lot of time and effort, but managing each point solution and encouraging meaningful engagement incurs an incredible administrative burden. 

In addition, members may not even know what point solutions they have access to, or they might not understand how those solutions can help their unique situation. And when available options grow too complicated to navigate, they don’t get utilized.

Simplifying the process

We want to point you in the direction of a resource Castlight Health recently published to help benefits leaders (and members) overcome point solution fatigue. It provides useful guidance on how to:

  • Identify the best point solutions
  • Encourage and evaluate member engagement
  • Optimize your ongoing point solution strategy

You can access the free eBook here.

At Vera, we know how important a streamlined and engaging healthcare experience is to improving health outcomes. It’s why our advanced primary care (APC) model puts patient needs first and it’s one of the reasons we’re excited to be combining with Castlight Health. Their market-leading connected health navigation technology and commitment to growing engagement that yields results are making a real impact on point solution fatigue and member health.

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