A new cost savings analysis completed by Vera Whole Health demonstrates that an on-site clinic yields positive return on investment, and that employee engagement in that clinic is key to the savings. You can read all about it when you download our newly released white paper.

We looked at 4,118 employees at Seattle Children's over the course of six years. 46% of these employees used the Vera on-site clinic at least once. The remaining 54% did not.

This analysis uncovered two insights that confirm the model:

  1. When employees use an employer-funded on-site clinic even once, employers experience a significant decrease in the associated costs and medical claims.
  2. That cost decrease becomes even more significant the more engaged employees are with clinic providers and services.

Download the white paper

We've explored the findings of this exciting analysis in a new white paper titled: Two truths about patient engagement and healthcare costs.

In this white paper, you'll find:

  • An in-depth examination of the findings
  • Statistics about how the actual savings occurred
  • Clear explanations of the methodology

Download the white paper today.

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