True care goes beyond treating symptoms. It’s also about creating a supportive environment and a better experience for both your care teams and patients. Here’s a list of five resources that describe different ways that you can care for employees and members — by pursuing diversity, celebrating employees, providing health coaching, and more.

1. The Secret To Delivering Primary Care — The Way It’s Meant To Be Practiced


This resource explains how the fee-for-service model has turned primary care into sickcare — and why health providers and patients are in need of a new primary care model. The ideal model of care would give providers more time for each appointment and the ability to treat each patient’s whole health — improving patient experiences and outcomes as well as care team satisfaction. This resource describes Vera’s answer to this challenge: our model of advanced primary care. 

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2. Building A Diverse Workforce & Providing Equitable Care


Social factors shape the experience a person has with their healthcare provider and care team. Not everyone has equal access to healthcare, and due to implicit bias and  other factors, not everyone benefits equally from the access they do have. This blog post explores how social determinants of health contribute to health inequity. It also explains how Vera uses employee perspectives and demographic data to develop more diverse, inclusive, and equitable practices in healthcare.

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3. 4 Ways to Celebrate Employees (Wherever They Are)


COVID-19 has required organizations to find creative solutions to keep their teams connected and make sure every employee feels supported. This blog post lists four ways that Vera celebrates employees in the  midst of social distancing and remote work — by shouting out achievements, putting the spotlight on employees’ goals and values, sharing rewards, and more. 

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4. 5 Coaching Competencies: Our Compass In Changing Times


Coaching is foundational to true behavior change that leads to better health outcomes for our members. But effective coaching isn’t spontaneous or accidental. That’s why all our care team members are trained to use five core skills that are designed to support patients as they build self-efficacy and make healthy lifestyle changes. 

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5. Stress Management That Works For You


COVID-19 has changed everything — how we work, how we socialize, how we celebrate the holidays, and more. Rapid change can induce stress that feels overwhelming and can even have a negative impact on health. That’s why it’s important to develop an effective routine for stress management. 

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