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A Brief History Of Healthcare Costs In The US

Healthcare isn't free. It's one of the largest industries in the country, perhaps even globally, and will only continue to grow.

As life expectancy rises,...

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How Frequent Health Screenings Can Improve Patient Engagement And Outcomes

It's a scenario we can all imagine: sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office, bracing yourself for the worst.

It's been three years since your last...

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Can Managed Care Be Successful Without Primary Care?

Managed care was, traditionally, designed to be a solution to control costs by shepherding a patient’s care along their health journey. The intention was...

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Leveraging Data To Provide Personalized Clinical Care

When Vera is in the process of launching a new onsite clinic (or care center, as we call them) we leverage massive amounts of data—including more than two...

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Finding Success Through Behavior Change: Q&A With Victoria Andrews, MSN, ARNP

Making healthy lifestyle choices has a profound impact on our overall health. Getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising are examples of opportunities...

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New White Paper: Empathetic Listening In Primary Care

We’re thrilled to announce our latest white paper: How Empathetic Listening Improves Primary Care Patient Outcomes.

If you’re a medical practitioner and tired...

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Universal Health Services and Vera Whole Health Announce Value-Based Partnership

King of Prussia, PA and Seattle, Washington (May 29, 2019) – Universal Health Services, Inc. (NYSE: UHS) and Vera Whole Health (Vera) announced today that they...

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Who’s Your Primary Care Provider? It Depends On Your Perspective — And That’s A Problem

Who is your primary healthcare provider?

Depending on your birthdate, your answer could vary widely from your friends and colleagues—especially if your...

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What Does Uber's IPO Mean For Healthcare?

Last month, ride-share giant Uber declared its intent to file an IPO with the goal of moving into healthcare services.  They made it official on Thursday, May...

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With Vera, Provider Discovers The Freedom To Do What She Does Best

Recently, we sat down with Dr. Briana Cranmer, a primary care provider with the Municipality of Anchorage, to get her take on what it's like being a Vera...

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3 Tips To Help Your Buying Committee Identify The Best Clinic Vendor

If you’ve made the decision to implement an on-site clinic as part of your benefit strategy, congratulations!

The time you spent on research and comparison may...

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HR Professionals: On-Site Clinics Are Your Dream Come True

As an employer or HR specialist, you want the best for your people. They’re your most valuable asset. Healthy employees work harder, faster, are more...